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PSU 30205 Data Sheet

240Vac/5Vdc PSU

This PSUis a very compact 240 Vac mains power supply. The linear regulator IC used features over current \nd over temperature protection and offers 100ma @ +5Vdc regulated output. It is ideal for use in the construction of many electrical and electronic devises such as CNC controllers where a separate +5Vdc supply is required to power various kinds of control boards including opto-isolator circuits to protect your PC from high voltages which could and usually does cause irrepairable damage to your PC.


100mA @+5Vdc regulated output

Very compact design

Simple screw terminal connection

Encapsulated Mains Transformer

Specification Min Typical Max Unit
Load regulation     1 %
Line regulation     1 %
Ripple     0.5 mV
Operating Temperature 0   70 Centigrade
Output Voltage   5   Vdc
Output Current   100   mA
Input (50/60Hz) 220 240 250 Vac



The unit is supplied for operation with a 240V / 50Hz mains input. Follow the wiring diagram when using this power

 supply unit. Incorrect connection may damage the power supply unit.


For safe operation the unit must be installed in an enclosure which prevents accidental contact with hazardous voltages by the provision of adequate insulation or guarding. If the enclosure is made of conducting material or the internal surfaces have a conductive coating ensure that no part of the power supply will com in to contact with it. An air gap below the PSU of 10mm (3/8inch) must be adhered to by using suitable standoffs. The power supply to the PSU must have a 100ma fuse.


The equipment installation must comply with the relevant section of EN60742 and in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive LVD93/68/EEC  


Our policy is one of continual improvement therefore specifications may change without notice. Pictorial representations are intended as a guide only and may vary depending on machine model or product offered.