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For those who want to build their own power supply and controller see a selection of tried and tested components as used in our own CNC stepper motor drivers.

Description Price/Part No  Buy
  • Power Socket IEC FUSED - SNAP IN
  • Current rating:10A 240Vac
  • Mounting type: Snap-in


Rocker Switches Double Pole Mains Switch 240vVac 13amp. Switch rocker is illuminated type.

(switch design may change)





240Vac input to 5Vdc regulated power output. Supply Load 100Ma.

Data Sheet supplied with each PSU

PSU 30205


Fuse Holder for use with PSU30205 100mAmp @ 230Vac with fuse, screw release. Bulkhead/panel mounting FH01


PSG01593  PLUG, MULTIPOLE, PANEL, 4P .  AV15051 4 pole socket. Panel mounting 15mm diameter hole 4PMS


PSG01590  SOCKET, MULTIPOLE, 4P .  AV15048 4 Pole Line Plug 4PLP


765.162  MULTIPOLE CHASSIS PLUG - 2 POLE  CN05829 2 Pole socket. Panel mounting 15mm diameter hole 2PMS


765.042  MULTIPOLE SOCKET - 2 POLE  CN05821 2 Pole Line Plug 2PLP


265.102  MULTIPOLE PLUG - 2 POLE  CN05825 4 pole line socket. Use these if you need to make an extension cable. 4PLS


PSG01596  PLUG, MULTIPOLE, 4P .  AV15054 2 pole line socket. Use these if you need to make an extension cable 2PLS


Breakout Board (25pin)

Data Sheet

RM2-25DB-M (Male)


Breakout Board (9Pin)

Data Sheet

RM1-9-M (Male)


Emergency stop. Normally open or Normally closed. Push to stop Locks when pressed twist to release. Normally open or Normally closed. Solder tags. For the Logic side of your Controller

Data Sheet

E Stop


Emergency stop label disc 60mm diameter. (for use with e-stop above) Self adhesive Estop label


Plastic Impeller AC Sleeve Thin Fans
Code: ECF
Operating voltage: 230Vac 50/60Hz
Current: 95/85mA
Power: 18/16W
Noise: 31/35dB
Operating temp: -10 to +70C
Speed (rpm): 2500/3000
Weight: 260g
Size (mm): 80 x 80 x 25

Enclosure Cooling Fan




Typical capacitor Image

Power Capacitor 40Vdc
Voltage 40Vdc
Capacitance 22000F
Ripple @ 100Hz 9.6A
Length 80.7mm
Diameter 35.7mm
Pitch Dia P 12.7mm
Capacitance Tolerance 20%






Typical capacitor Image

Power Capacitor 63Vdc
Voltage 63Vdc
Capacitance 22000F
Ripple @ 100Hz 11A
Length 80.7mm
Diameter 51.6mm
Pitch Dia P 22.2mm
Capacitance Tolerance 20%
Capacitor Clamp Base Mounting for 40Vdc Capacitor. Only sold with Capacitor Cp40Vdc


Capacitor Clamp Base Mounting for 60Vdc Capacitor. Only sold with Capacitor Cp63Vdc


Bridge Rectifier
Type Single Phase
IF(Ave) 15A
@ Tcase 55C
VF 1.1V
@ IF (A) 7.5A
IFSM 300
Mounting Hole Diameter 5.3mm
Terminal Type 6.35mm Faston


Data Sheets

Suitable for manual pulse input for Axis movement or Jogging control.

Power input +5Vdc

Easy connection by screw terminals at the rear of the control

A and B signal output.

Suitable as a jog control with Mach3 control software.



Out of Stock

A1=Moving End , A2=Fixed End
Pitch: 20 mm per link
Links per m: 48. Bend radius 29mm minimum.
Travel: S

Picture is for guidance only.

Control your cables or air tubes with our

Economy Minature

Flexible Cable Control Chain. For many machine applications.

Inside dimensions 28mm wide x 15mm high, flexible and bends with a 29mm inside Bend radius. Complete with end fixings. Standard Length 1.0 metre but able to be shortened or lengthened by adding extra lengths.


11.95/metre ready assembled

For longer assembled lengths please contact us for a quotation. Links are easily detached for any length adjustment. Links can also be reversed to allow `S` shaped assemblies.


Spare end set (2)2.45 SESet

Toroidal Transformers

All our toroidal transformers have single primary (input) and 2 pairs of secondary outputs. See Data Sheet. All are 230Vac input. All our toroidal transformers are manufactured to EN61558 EN60742, BS3535 & UL1411

Part No/Output Price (inc VAT) Buy Now
0080215 / 2 x 15Vac  @2.67amps 20.19
0080218 / 2 x 18Vac @2.22amps 20.19
0120209 / 2 x 9Vac  @6.67amps 25.95
0225235 / 2 x 35Vac    @3.21anps 38.19
0300225 / 2 x 25Vac   @6amps 32.49
0300235 / 2 x 35Vac @4.29amps 32.49

If you require a different power output toroidal transformer please enquire enquiries@rhonmac-cnc.co.uk There are approximately 300 in the range. Don`t forget to Specify the Voltage and amperage required

For CNC Stepper Motor drivers determine the dc voltage required as below then the amperage.

Calculate Transformer Output Voltage and Amperage required

Determine your driver output Vdc that you want to use, divide it by 1.4 to get your Vac transformer output.

            Stepper Motor Driver voltage in Vdc/1.4 = Transformer Vac output

Amperage as follows, multiply the driver output by the number of axes then multiply by 0.67% to determine the amps required.

            Driver amps x No of axes x 0.67% = Required transformer power output.

Please note that the transformers have 2 x sets of output leads, if these are connected in parallel then the voltage stays the same but the amperage doubles up. eg, our 0300235 transformer outputs 2 x 35vac @ 4.29 amps, so connected in parallel the combined output will be 35Vac @ 8.58 amps. (usually the secondary outputs are connected this way when making a power supply). See diagram below.

  Vac Output Connect Red/Yellow pair and Black/Orange pair. Always solder and use a cable crimp then insulate with shrink tube.

Vac Mains Input         Vac Output

General Construction Description



Core to Primary winding Polypropylene caps 1mm thick
Primary connections to adjacent winding Polyester film board PVC tubing
Primary winding to Secondary winding 3 Layers of Mylar A Polyester 50 microns
Secondary connections to adjacent winding Polyester film board PVC tubing
Outer wrap 2 Layers of Mylar A Polyester 50 microns

Insulation Test 4000vac between primary and secondary. Manufactured In compliance of EN60742, BS3535 Class B 130deg.C UL 1411 UL Approval file number E188896SP


Our policy is one of continual improvement therefore specifications may change without notice. Pictorial representations are intended as a guide only and may vary depending on machine model or product offered.