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Rhonmac-cnc supply Mechanical and Electronic hardware for the cnc enthusiast who is building cnc machinery or converting existing machinery such as lathes, milling machines, routers, labelling machines, pick and place units or constructing robots for a variety of uses.

Rhonmac-cnc can also supply you with machine conversion kits or complete turn key machines.

It is as easy as this to convert your machine for CNC operation.

1 x Computer with suitable operating system 


    1 x CAD/CAM Software


   1 x Breakout Board


         Stepper motor Driver Boards 

                ( quantity to suit your requirements)


         Stepper Motors



          Bench mill                                                                                                    Bench Lathe                                            

Table router


         `CNC Machine`

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You must read this below.


CNC machines can be dangerous, they are designed to operate without human interference, this, in itself makes a cnc machine inherently dangerous.

Engineers Tool Room or Rhonmac-cnc cannot accept any responsibility for loss or injury while you are using the machine you have built when using equipment purchased from us. Furthermore if you are not competent with electrical installation and working with mains power you must engage an electrical engineer to carry out the work you cannot do. 

Do not forget electricity can KILL.

We strongly recommend that you build into your electronic control circuitry emergency stops and you fit appropriate guarding to the machine. It is also advised that when you design your electronic control circuit you build into your machine axis movement limit switches to prevent damage to the machine in the event of an over travel on an axis and you also build in emergency stops that kill the power of the machine and your controller

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Our policy is one of continual improvement therefore specifications may change without notice. Pictorial representations are intended as a guide only and may vary depending on machine model or product offered.

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